Suprina has partnered with Alliance Of Families For Justice to shed light on such an important topic, mass incarceration. There will be a demonstration march in late August of 2017 to begin this movement. I will be creating a bust of George Washington, former president and slave owner. The bust will be created to ride on a pickup truck from New York to Albany. The bust of George Washington will have a “Coney island” smile on his face and his teeth will be made of jail bars instead of wood. His hair will be made from letter from inmates on what they would be doing if they weren’t incarcerated.

This march is part of a larger project called, “STOLEN”. The second phase of this project will be a larger bust of George Washington on a parade boat bed. The bust will stand approximately ten feet high with the same smile and hair as the bust in the first phase. We will travel cross-country, stopping at jails and prison along the way. We will be collecting letters and placing them in George Washington’s head. After approximately after a year being on the road, the last stop will be in Washington, DC.

For more information please contact:

Alliance Of Families For Justice
 (347) 973-0580